What Would The World Be Like Without A Physiotherapist?

With how far modern medicine has advanced, it’s quite difficult to imagine a world where there are no solutions to ailments of a physical nature.

Chiefly physiotherapists such as those practicing in Brampton physio clinic seek to attend to these ailments that arise due to age, injury, or illness. Much like any other medical field, it’s the job of a physiotherapist to ensure that their patients leave their care with their physical issues solved. A badly functioning body bodes ill for the mind, after all.

Knowing this, some may wonder what would happen to the world if physiotherapy disappeared overnight for one reason or another. It’s a troubling prospect, to say the least. But let’s try to answer that conundrum and explore a world where physiotherapy ceased to exist.


A World Without Physiotherapists

Consider a world where physiotherapy was never developed, and all patients were discharged from the hospital after having their pain taken care of. Imagine that these patients spent the following years without proper orthopedic treatment and had to adjust to their ailments. What happens next?

Let’s look at how a lack of physiotherapy can negatively impact a patient.

1. Cases Of Constricted Movement

It may happen with age or a particular illness such as arthritis that joints become less flexible than they would normally be. In such cases, performing simple tasks becomes increasingly difficult, limiting what the patient can do in their daily routine.

Eventually, this issue grows beyond being an inconvenience and becomes a hindrance. The longer a patient spends without proper care, the more likely it becomes for their cartilage to wear off or their joints to become inflamed. 

In either case, movement in their body becomes extremely limited over time, and managing pain grows more complex.

2. Muscular Or Joint Pain

Muscular or joint pain is often unavoidable no matter the profession. Office workers frequently experience neck, shoulder and back pain, while those in more physically involved professions may face leg and back pain.

The intensity of this pain only increases the more the patient works, resulting in muscular or joint pain becoming extremely problematic. This, in turn, leads to limited physical movement that proves to be a hindrance in the patient’s daily life.

3. Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

Surgeries may be necessary to save a patient’s life in certain cases. But the unfortunate reality is that some surgery types cannot be performed with a consequence of their own. Surgical procedures involving cardiac, orthopedic, thoracic and neurological schools of medicine have repercussions that complicate matters for the patient’s post-surgery life.

Once the procedure has been completed, it may be difficult for the patient to readjust the affected part of their body to normal life. If the procedure has been performed on a limb, the limb may not function as it used to without proper care. 

The same remains true for post-injury rehabilitation, where the lack of appropriate medical attention may hinder a patient’s movement drastically.


A world without proper orthopedic care would be quite the dark one. Injuries and diseases that are normally manageable quickly become major issues, and people would be unable to function normally without physiotherapy.

The problem would exacerbate rapidly, with the number of people who run into orthopedic issues every day. More and more people would lose their ability to work in a professional capacity in their everyday life, resulting in major health and financial losses. Not to mention the negative impact a poorly functioning body has on one’s mental health.

So, if you’re facing joint or muscular pain, do not delay and contact a licensed physiotherapist today.

Taj Gwynne

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