What to Expect During a Free Legal Consultation

If you have had a personal injury or an insurance or employment claim, you may have considered contacting a lawyer. But fear of the cost may have stopped you from reaching out. Legal consultation fees and other costs, though necessary, aren’t cheap.

Fortunately, you can get free legal consultation in Brampton. Especially for civil cases, such as personal injury. A free consultation will help you understand your rights, options, what to expect in the legal proceedings, etc. And this will be at zero cost to you.

Legal Consultation

Below, we explain what you should expect during a free legal consultation:

  • The lawyer will get to know you first

The lawyer may ask for an ID to confirm your identity. So you should take a government-issued ID with you. They may also have to keep a copy of it in their records, as this is required by law if you become their client. The lawyer will ask you questions relating to your employment, health history, and education. It would help them understand your background better so they know how to proceed.

  • The lawyer will request information about the case

Depending on the claim, the lawyer may request the relevant records for evidence. For example, a medical record might be required if the case relates to health or disability. If it is a disability claim, the lawyer will ask to see a denial letter from the insurance company. Copies of your conversation with the insurance company will also be necessary. The lawyer will review the documents and advice you. So it is important that you present all relevant information and details during the consultation. 

  • The lawyer will explain the worst and best case scenario and advice you based on the case

During the consultation, the lawyer will listen to you to get a full picture of the case. They will review all the information you give them. Then the lawyer explains your legal rights and all the options available to you. Any part of the situation that may jeopardize the case will also be revealed. The lawyer will share their concerns, if any, and explain the disadvantageous parts. You will also understand the legal cost implication plus how and when to pay during this stage.

  • The lawyer explains the next steps

Once you understand the case and your rights, the lawyer then explains what next steps they would take. This may include gathering relevant evidence, talking to witnesses, visiting the offender, etc. The lawyer sets out to do what’s necessary to build a case that benefits you. And they will shed light on the process and tell you what to expect. At this point, you can also ask the lawyer questions that help you gain confidence in them. 


You don’t need to worry if you have a situation and are unsure about contacting a lawyer due to the initial legal fees. You can now access free legal consultation in Brampton. Whether it’s half an hour or longer, this initial meeting with the lawyer is highly useful in helping you get justice or compensation. Therefore, if you find yourself in a tough legal situation, you should not hesitate to contact a lawyer for help.

Taj Gwynne

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