How Can I Help My Child Manage His Anger?

Every parent wants their child to manage their anger constructively. Finding the right tools and techniques to help your child do this can be challenging.

In this blog post, we will provide some helpful tips and strategies to assist you in helping your child effectively manage his anger:

Identify & Address the Problem

Identifying why your child might be angry and addressing the underlying problem is important before addressing how to control anger better. 

Talk to your child about what might be causing them unhappiness or frustration, and brainstorm potential solutions. 

Showing interest and care in their emotions and providing a safe environment to discuss these issues is crucial for creating a trusting relationship with your child.

Create a Calming Environment

Make sure you create an environment where your child’s emotions are accepted without judgment or criticism. Encourage activities like deep breathing or mindfulness exercises to help him calm down if he’s feeling overwhelmed. 

Music therapy or other creative activities, such as art, coloring, journaling, etc., can also be effective calming strategies for young children.

Model Good Behavior

Your behavior can greatly influence how your child manages their anger. Show them by example how you handle situations when you get angry by remaining calm and taking time outs if needed – don’t yell, criticize or scare them into submission!


Helping your child manage his anger is challenging, but patience, understanding, consistency, and positive role modeling are possible! Invest in building trust between you, so they feel comfortable talking about their emotions with you. 

This will go a long way toward helping them learn healthier ways of managing difficult feelings like anger.
However, if a situation seems out of your control, go for an online therapist, as it can help your child much better.

Owen McEvilly

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