Flower Meanings: What Do They Symbolize?

Flowers have been used for centuries to express feelings, symbolize events, and decorate important occasions. From the traditional red rose for love to the elegant lily for purity, their meanings have been carried through time and cultures. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore the various flower meanings and what they symbolize.

flower meanings

Flower Symbolism History

Flowers have long been intertwined with human culture and history. They are used to commemorate special occasions such as births and weddings, as symbols of friendship and love, decorations at funerals and other somber ceremonies, or simply as a beautiful element in a home or garden setting.

But why exactly do flowers hold such significance throughout our lives? The answer lies in their symbolic meanings – each flower species has its unique representation that carries through many different cultures worldwide.

Common Flower Meanings

The most popular flowers often have universal meanings; some of these include roses (love), tulips (passion), and lilies (purity). These common floral symbols are reflected in artwork that dates back centuries, indicating how deeply these associations are ingrained into humanity’s collective consciousness.

Many other flowers also represent specific emotions or situations; for example, daisies signify innocence, while sunflowers represent loyalty.

Other Symbolic Meanings

In addition to carrying more general messages, certain species of flowers can be associated with more individualized sentiments. For instance, peonies often represent romance, while lilacs represent nostalgia or reminiscence on memories.

These nuanced implications extend even further when examining traits like color or size – white daffodils may denote purity. At the same time, bright yellow chrysanthemums could be taken as an expression of joy or cheerfulness.


Ultimately, there is no definite set of rules when interpreting flower meanings – it’s both a science and an art! 

Arrange flowers in a vase or use it to decorate the newlywed couple’s home; it can be used anywhere to enhance the surrounding. 

Knowing the common flower symbolism associated with particular species can help guide your feelings towards someone else or assist you in decorating an environment with relevant sentimentality in mind.

Celebrated since ancient times around the globe, understanding where all these associations come from can add a little extra meaning to any special occasion!

Owen McEvilly

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