What Are the Different Types of HCG on the Market?

Medical health professionals use the HCG hormone to help improve the chances of fertility and other health issues in men and women. While this is a good use, we can use this hormone in various ways. In addition, various types of HCG hormones are on the market today. We’ll look at each type of HCG hormone so you can better understand why they’re practical and what each type may offer you regarding your health issues.

In what types is HCG hormone sold in the market? 

HCG is also available in the form of drops administered in the body. They can be bought online or at some pharmacies. The drops may be used for weight loss or fertility purposes.

Injection of HCG is another popular method of taking HCG because it can be injected directly into the bloodstream without any harsh side effects on your body. Another method that is often used to take HCG is using powders or capsules containing HCG in them. These powders can be purchased over the counter from many stores and pharmacies worldwide.

  • HCG drops

Treatment through HCG drops is a simple method to use true HCG drops vancouver to treat fertility issues and assist in weight loss. 

  • HCG injection

It is an effective treatment method that helps you to get pregnant quickly and easily by accelerating the ovulation process and increasing the chance of conception. However, you should consult your doctor before undergoing any medical treatment as it may cause some side effects. This method can also be used with IVF procedures so that fertilized eggs can be implanted into a woman’s uterus. 

  • HCG drugs

These medicines contain HCG hormone for treating infertility issues in women.

What are the common brand names of HCG in the market? 

There are many different brands of HCG hormones sold in the market. These brands have a name and may come in many different strengths and packaging.

Some of the common brands include: 

  • Ovidrel.
  • Profasi.
  • Chorex.
  • Novarel.
  • Pregnyl.

In which body parts are HCG hormones administered? 

The HCG hormone can be administered through the skin in the subcutaneous region, located just under the skin. The subcutaneous region is a thin layer of tissue that covers much of the body. It can be accessed by piercing the skin at specific points with tiny needles and injecting the hormone into this area. 

Injecting HCG hormone through blood vessels allows it to reach all body parts quickly and efficiently. Additionally, using the method of intramuscular administration, HCG hormone is injected directly into a muscle such as those found in your arms or legs.


HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone is the essential hormone that supports the process of ovulation (the release of eggs from ovaries) during pregnancy. This hormone is used in different fertilization variations like HCG drops, drugs, and injection forms. HCG drops are the most common type of HCG hormone sold in the market for treating fertility issues in women and for weight loss. This hormone helps increase ovulation, pregnancy, and implantation rates in women who have trouble getting pregnant or carrying a fetus to full term. HCG injections are another popular form of HCG hormone sold in the market for treating fertility issues in women. HCG drugs are also available, which help increase ovulation rates by stimulating the process of pregnancy.

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