5 Tips to make your Garage door last longer


The average lifespan for a garage door is 30 years. As technology changes and the design trend for garage doors changes, you might have to replace the garage doors even before these 30 years. Many people are not ready to replace the doors with changing trends because of financial issues, and they have to follow maintenance tips to keep the doors looking great and functionally perfect for many years. 

Here, we will describe the tips for keeping your garage doors functionally perfect, shiny, and well-lubricated.

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Tip# 1: Lubricate all moving parts 

The most straightforward approach to increasing garage door life is lubricating all of its working parts. For the drive screw, hinges, door rollers, and the opener’s chain, you must spray the lubricant once a year, spending 10 minutes.

Which lubricant should you use?

Ask the specialist of garage doors or check the owner’s manual to choose the best lubricant for your garage doors.

Tip# 2: Keep the hardware tightened up 


Vibrations are created in the hardware whenever your garage doors open or close. These vibrations loosen the hardware. Considering that an average person opens and closes the garage doors an average of 1000 times. 


Regularly tightening your roller brackets and bolts is essential for automatic garage door maintenance.

Tip# 3: Test the balance of the doors 


Off-balance garage doors keep creating strain unnecessarily on the opener. It shortens the garage door lifespan. 

How to test the door balance?

1st step 

The first step is to disconnect the door from the opener.

2nd step 

The manual release cord should be manually pulled, and stop pulling when the garage door is about half away. The door stops on its own if the door is balanced correctly.


If the garage door rides up or slides down, it indicates that adjustment is much needed in the spring tension.


You must contact the company for repair because this problem can only be fixed by professionals.

Tip# 4: Rollers inspection 

At least twice a year, you must inspect the door rollers. Rollers’ material nature should not affect the door inspection. If you use the door frequently, seven years is the average lifespan of garage door rollers.


Wear and tear, cracks, chips in rollers.


The best solution is DIY repair, as garage door manufacturers Canada offers.

Tip# 5: Replace the weather stripping 

Many times, below your garage door, the weather stripping starts decaying.


Snow and rain can create a dangerous situation inside the garage and lead to a lot of damage. Puddles inside the garage, rust around the doors, and drafts start coming under the doors. It is a good sign that the weather stripping needs repair.  


Maintenance is the key to sustaining the lifetime of the garage door. Keep inspecting your garage doors from time to time to check for any damage to the garage doors. In case you notice any damage try to fix it as soon as possible, even if your door needs just a little fix. 

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