5 Misconceptions That People Have About a Defence Attorney

A criminal defence attorney is your first line of defence while facing criminal charges. That said, only some people understand how defence lawyers work. 

Movies and television shows tend to over-dramatize the roles of criminal defence attorneys, and people mostly believe what they see. Such misinterpretations have led to some myths and misconceptions about criminal lawyers in the real world. 

People often hesitate to hire a criminal defence attorney even if they have questions about the suspended sentences guide or other criminal charges. Today’s guide will clear 5 common misconceptions about defence lawyers to guide you properly. 

Misconceptions About Defence Attorney

5 Misconceptions And Myths About Criminal Defence Lawyers 

1. Public Defenders Are As Good As Defence Lawyers 

The Public Defender Service (PDS) in the UK offers free legal assistance, advice, and representation to anyone facing criminal charges. Although many public defenders are highly knowledgeable and skilled attorneys, they are usually overburdened or underpaid with an enormous workload. 

They might not be able to offer their undivided attention to your case. Contrarily, criminal defence attorneys specialize in criminal law and can dedicate all their resources, time, and effort to build a strong case in your favour. 

2. Defence Attorneys Only Attend The Courtroom

Many people have this huge misconception that they can only see their defence attorneys in the courtroom. In reality, most of the casework takes place outside the courtroom, where qualified defence attorneys spend significant time preparing for the case. 

A good defence attorney will regularly meet with you to discuss and address all your concerns and questions. They’ll prepare you for what to expect in the courtroom and work with you to build a watertight defence. 

3. You Don’t Need Criminal Defence Attorneys While Pleading Guilty 

People often think they don’t need a criminal defence attorney if they’re pleading guilty. It’s the most harmful misconception because an experienced criminal defence attorney can help you get a fair sentence even when you enter a guilty plea. 

4. They Are Corrupt And Only Care About Money 

Although there are some bad players in every field of work, not all criminal defence lawyers are corrupt or prioritize money over their clients. Most defence lawyers are dedicated to maintaining ethical obligations to the criminal justice system while assisting their clients as best as they can. No defence lawyer will risk losing their licence by manipulating the case and participating in unethical practices. 

5. You Can Get Free Consultations 

Many people think they can get free consultations from a criminal defence lawyer before hiring them. However, not all defence attorneys offer free consultations like public defenders, so the cost of consultations can add up pretty quickly. Remember to ask about their consultation rates before booking an appointment. 


A criminal defence attorney can not only help you get a fair sentence but might also be able to drop the criminal charges against you. Don’t pay much heed to the above-mentioned myths and misconceptions surrounding criminal lawyers before hiring them. 

However, check their previous case records and work history to get a fair idea. And no matter the circumstances, consult a defence lawyer if you or your loved ones are taken to court or police custody.

Owen McEvilly

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